Ranch church app

The Ranch Church App is a place to find so many resourses about our church, and ways to stay connected. While this website is designed to stay static and constant, the app is constantly being updated by our staff to bring you the most relevant information for your walk in faith, and involvement at the Ranch Church.


Ranch worship

Ranch Church Music exists to run after and seek the heart of God. As a team of musicians and lovers of Christ, our desire is to express who God is and who we are in Him through the music we play and through the community we foster. Our greatest desire when we come together, is to create an environment where people everywhere, no matter what season they are in, can encounter the true love, sovereignty, power, and hope that comes from Salvation in Christ and in His presence.



SImple bible commentary

Dig into the Bible, simply, with Pastor Rick Soto's Commentary Blog.

The Simple Bible Commentary series focuses on the richness of Jesus, clear sound theology, and accurate history. The Bible was not written for academics but for God’s people, given as a gift, helping them to love, worship and enjoy him. Simple things have depth and roots, and this is the place to find them.