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Ranch Church Music exists to run after and seek the heart of God. As a team of musicians and lovers of Christ, our desire is to express who God is and who we are in Him through the music we play and through the community we foster. Our greatest desire when we come together, is to create an environment where people everywhere, no matter what season they are in, can encounter the true love, sovereignty, power, and hope that comes from Salvation in Christ and in His presence.  Together we offer our giftings, our creativity, and our genuine love for Jesus as a true heart-felt musical expression to glorify the Name of Jesus.






Dear Friends in Christ,

We appreciate your heart for revival and considering Justin Jacobs, and our Ranch Church Worship Team to come and be apart of it.  All are extremely valuable members of our team here at The Ranch Church and regionally to what God is doing on the Central Coast.  As such, we are highly protective of them and interested in their short and long-term success. Thus we have built a team around them to sift through the many opportunities they receive and developed this set of expectations.  The following is what we consider pre-requisites for them to come and lead worship at your event.

One of Justin's main callings in ministry is to lead people into the presence of God through worship.  In addition he has an incredible gift to motivate and inspire all ages through speaking and teaching.  In all of this, his heart is not to do concerts and performances but simply to lead people into a passionate, powerful encounter with God that will ultimately change their lives for eternity.  Please understand that if you advertise as a "concert," people will come expecting just that.  They will be ready to watch something and be entertained rather than to actively participate and pursue the presence of God in worship.


The minimum you'll need to budget for is for 6 people.  That would include Justin, a lead female vocal, one of our main drummers, bass player, one electric guitar player and their sound engineer.  They are a seamless team and bringing the band means Justin will be at his best and able to focus on leading and hearing the voice of God instead of working with a new team of possibly less familiar musicians.  

The team typically flies out of LAX in California but are also used to driving to different locations depending upon the distance from the Central Coast.  They will summarize travel expenses  for your approval prior to booking and require reimbursement as soon as possible as their expenses will be on their personal credit cards prior to serving at  your event.

Justin and the band do not require a predetermined fee for their ministry.  Obviously, we ask that you cover all of their travel expenses, which includes travel (driving or flying), hotel or home accommodations, food, and other necessary expenses.  We operate on a culture of honor here at The Ranch Church and believe that our ministers are worthy of being blessed for the grace on their lives and their passionate hard work and commitment to serving the Body of Christ.  We know it is in all our hearts to live generously so an honorarium, which keeps in mind the number of band members is encouraged.

If you are in agreement with all of this, the next step is to fill out the invitation form.  If you do so, we are expecting that your decision makers be in agreement with all of the details of this letter as well.  We will consider the invitations prayerfully and give approval as it "seems good to the Lord".
- Pastor Rick Soto


Our goal at Ranch Worship is to generate an environment
where Jesus can move always.
— Justin Jacos
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